The webclient for chat can be accessed on the streamer's page, or at

The following commands are available:
/nick kawen (password) Password is only required if kawen is a registered user.
/join kawen Join the chatroom for kawen's stream and leave the previous room.
/kick cvcvcv Available only in your own room if you are a streamer. Forcefully disconnect the user.
/ban cvcvcv (time) Ban a user from your room. Bans are based on IP address. The optional time is in minutes. The default is 30.
/banlist List the IPs currently banned from your room.
/unban (ip) self explanatory


Users should stream to rtmp://

The stream will be available at rtmp://
or at your page on

Most software, such as OBS, will have a separate field for the URL and stream key, in which case you can enter rtmp:// and the stream key in the appropriate field.